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With fhalcon® dispose, you can save valuable time and money with central disposal, because thanks to the smart and individually configurable processing of your data, you can effortlessly maintain an overview of your trip planning. A range of useful tools also help you to automate regular processes.

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The foundation and starting point for all fhalcon® modules is always the master data. This master data used is cross-plant and is automatically maintained by the linked plants, production sites or agricultural trading sites. The most important data for fhalcon® dispose includes:

Product master data:

  • Item master data
  • Raw material or finished product
  • Density

Personal master data:

  • Address master data
  • Type of address
    • Customer
    • Silo
    • Plant
    • Production facility
    • Agricultural trader
  • Coordinates
    • Latitude x
    • Longitude y
    • Grade

Fleet master data:

  • Vehicle master data
  • Vehicle type
  • Type of telematics connection
  • Technical specifications
    • Discharge capacity
    • Set-up time
    • Weights
  • Country of origin
  • Tank
    • Weights
    • Volumes

Optical support for planning and disposal with up-to-date maps.

  • Integration Kartenmaterial
  • Integration of maps
  • Coloured display of open orders as silos with the following colours
    • Red (delivery date within 24 hours)
    • Yellow (delivery date within 48 hours)
    • Green (delivery date within 72 hours)
    • White (delivery date more than 72 hours)
  • Display of planned and/or unplanned orders
  • Display of the number of orders and amount of coordinates
  • Display of additional data such as the name and location of the silo
  • Opening of orders from the map
  • Planning of order trips from the map
  • Planning of trips for trucks carrying orders and a silo from the map
  • Flexible filtering of the displayed silos, as the map and order list are linked
  • Display of current truck positions (telematic option)

Planning and disposal of trips with freely configurable, user-specific lists.

  • Freely configurable and user-specific order summaries
    • Field selection
    • Width and position
    • Filtering in the list
    • Storage as a planning monitor for recurrent use
  • Consideration of all orders to be scheduled, including
    • Incoming goods
    • Outgoing goods
    • Bagged goods
    • Forwarding orders / Drop shipments
  • Rough planning by drag-and-drop
  • Order change by drag-and-drop from truck to truck
  • Automatic comparison with linked plants, production sites or agricultural trading sites
  • Automatic tank planning as recommendations
  • Tank volume check
  • Cleaning notifications
  • Storing of activities
    • Loading
    • Unloading
  • Display of current product availabilities
  • Display of current production and loading status
  • Projection of order and trip times using the default parameters
    • Loading time
    • Set-up time
    • Discharge time per tonne
    • Motorway speed
    • Main road speed
    • Built-up area speed
  • Automatic updating of order and trip times (telematic module)
  • Reference system for short-term orders
  • Reference system for changes to planned orders
  • Review of completed trips and orders using the start / end dates and travel times (telematic option)

Vehicle-related trip sequence overview on a timeline.

  • Timeline for the current time
  • Clear colour display for each vehicle:
    • Planned trips
    • Active trips
    • Completed trips
  • Rapid reaction to delays
  • Display as a time bar with the start and end time of the trip
  • Automatic update with new telematics data (telematic option)
  • Open trips directly by double-clicking

All processes are logged and archived. You can use our statistics module to review and evaluate all processes.

 Evaluation options:

  • Completed trips
  • Completed orders
  • Master data
  • In each case across all available columns

 Statistics functions:

  • Flexibly configurable
  • Filter, group and sort within lists
  • Display or hide columns
  • Adjust the width and order of the columns
  • Totals and subtotals
  • User and workstation-related, freely configurable list layouts
  • Direct export to Excel or other formats
  • Print



Customer, product, vehicle or order restrictions are taken into account.

  • Flexibly adjustable
  • Warning and ban restriction categories
  • Time restrictions
    • Specified delivery times from the order
    • Opening times
  • Vehicle-specific restrictions
    • Type
    • Equipment
  • Product-specific restrictions
    • Carry-over check
    • Mixed loading ban
    • Colours
  • Coloured notice in the planning if restrictions are violated
  • Notice after re-checking by updating or changing the trip

Navigate and process orders or trips via the app on your mobile phone or handheld mobile device.

  • Truck-specific navigation software and maps
  • Transfer approved trips to the vehicle
  • Display all relevant order data
  • Detailed trip planning via the app
  • Trip starts automatically after loading is complete (fhalcon® export module)
  • Support with trip processing
  • Automatic start of the navigation software with target coordinates
  • Navigation to the silo
  • Acknowledgement of completed orders and starting of the next order
  • Coordinates automatically updated after the order has been acknowledged
  • Transfer of the position data to the disposal

Connect and integrate farm management systems. When can I deliver how much of what?

  • Cyclical reading out of farm data
    • Stocks
    • 7-day consumption forecast
  • Clear presentation and filtering of data (When can I deliver how much of what?)
  • Import of orders
  • Export of orders
  • Export of production, loading and disposal status
  • Export of delivery notes as PDF documents
  • Export of material flow analysis values
  • Integration into trip planning 

Connect and integrate telematics systems.

  • Transfer of approved trips
  • Transfer of all relevant order data
  • Automatic updating of the coordinates after order acknowledgement
  • Transfer of position data to the disposal
  • Acceptance of the updated data



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